We are a team of architects, interior architects and designers in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Our competences include building construction with single and multi-family houses as well as high-quality interior construction. For the design, the integration into the landscape and the networking with the environment is an essential component. The use of local, natural materials and the integration of local businesses is the logical consequence. The search for advanced, original solutions is a constant incentive - an individual and expressive architecture the goal.


The main focus of our work is on high quality interior construction with the development of tailor-made furniture as well as the development of material, color and light concepts. In the case of structural engineering, we are interested in the use of ecological materials, such as wooden frame and clay, in addition to classical solid construction. Our curiosity applies to individual and contemporary living and working forms with a high degree of functionality and flexibility.
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+1 ARCHITEKTEN stand for a comprehensive approach, in which the exterior and interior of a building are given the same importance. Our services span from the draft to the approval and the site management. In this way, we assure quality from planning until project completion.

Consulting + planning + construction

management General and specialist services for building and structural development in accordance with HOAI 2013 (scale of fees for architects and engineers)
+ New construction
+ Energy efficiency measures
+ Maintenance and repair
+ Services related to listed buildings
+ Interior construction
+ Loft expansion
+ Conversion

HOAI = Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers

+ Work phase 1 = basic evaluation
+ Work phase 2 = preliminary design
+ Work phase 3 = blueprint planning
+ Work phase 4 = approval planning
+ Work phase 5 = execution planning
+ Work phase 6 = participation in award of contract
+ Work phase 7 = assignment
+ Work phase 8 = construction site management
+ Work phase 9 = technical file

Goals and values
+ Our goal is to achieve maximum sustainability for our projects - ecologically, economically and socially
Our buildings should be accessible to all by the application of universal design principles
The use of natural building materials, regional materials, historical building techniques, as well as futuristic innovations from science and technology (such as nanotechnology, bionics) inspire us to develop new building forms and details and turn our buildings into unique individual works